Goals & Objectives

  • Strategic Infrastructure
  • Institutional Development
  • Social and Economic Development
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Development
  • Sound Financial Management
  • Environmental Development and Management
The strategic objectives of Nkandla municipality are linked and developed to the KwaZulu Natal Key Performance Areas. This was used as a guideline, comparison to the situational analysis of the area was considered. The strategic objectives are as follows:

  • To decrease municipal risk through risk management
  • To ensure efficient and effective internal and external communication
  • To promote a safe and healthy environment for Nkandla
  • To attain effective and efficient Municipal Administration
  • To improve Organizational skills development and capacity building for staff and councillors
  • To strengthen and improve employment equity in the municipality
  • To improve service delivery and the image of the municipality
  • To create a conducive environment for socioeconomic growth
  • To improve quality of life through social infrastructure development
  • To advance and maintain the financial viability of the municipality
  • To improve institutional efficiency through adequate systems and effective internal controls
  • To promote a safe and healthy environment for the Nkandla community