Technical Services


This directorate’s focus is the planning of infrastructure, development planning and control, property management, environmental management, building control and the corporate GIS system. This directorate consists of a Director, Assistant Directors (for Civil and Municipal Works, Electrical Services, Project Management Unit), Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Town Planning, Building Control, Solid Waste, Electricity Services, and Facilities Management.

This function consists of the following departments:

  • Engineering, which is responsible for the master planning for roads, stormwater, and electricity; management of grant funding; compilation of service agreements for new developments and overviewing studies for desalination and groundwater extraction.
  • Town planning and property administration, aimed at ensuring balanced and orderly development.
  • Building control, responsible for approval of building plans and ensuring their correct execution; compiling building statistics and project management of municipal building projects.
  • Electricity – supplying reliable, affordable, and cost-effective electricity.
  • Solid waste management planning which is involved with refuse removal, recycling, and disposal to the Nkandla landfill sites.


Name: Mr N.M. Mnyandu

Contact: 035 833 2063/57