Nkandla offers exquisite natural beauty i.e. Beautiful Mountains, hills, and indigenous forests with birding routes. Nkandla is home to high-quality world-class tea, monuments, traditional crafts, history, customs, and religion. Nkandla today is known all over the world as the place where the former president was born (Nxamalala).

Nkandla has so much to offer the guests in terms of historical, cultural, and natural activities i.e. Exciting Adventures (Mome Gorge), Visiting local Shebeens, meet Nkandla Crafters. Nkandla has a huge history and cultural heritage with a cultural legacy that dates to the great Zulu King Shaka and beyond.

  • IInkosi Cetshwayo
  • Mome Gorge
  • Kwa-Nkatha (Hang Pun)
  • Site of Battle
  • Khombe Mission: Site of Battle
  • Ntingwe Tea (Zulu Tea Produced in Nkandla)
  • Nkandla Forest
  • Qhudeni And Nkonisa Forest
  • Chair of Amakhosi (Isigqiki Samakhosi)
  • Kwashushu Hot Springs
  • Bushmen/Khoisan: Abathwa
  • The Karkloof blue butterfly (the unique and special butterfly in South Africa)
  • Amanzi phambana found inside Nkandla Forest
  • Former President JZG Zuma `s house in Nxamalala
  • Ofeni and Intaba Nomanci inside Nkandla Forest (where local people used to sharpen spears, spear making,)

Mome Gorge