Budget and Treasury’s Office


The Budget & Treasury Office is established in terms of section 80 of the MFMA. Section 80 (1) states that every municipality must have a budget and treasury office, and section 80(2) states that a budget and treasury office should consists of:

      • A chief financial officer designated by the accounting officer of the municipality.
      • Officials of the municipality allocated by the accounting officer to the chief financial officer; and
      • Any other persons contracted by the municipality for the work of the office.

The role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) includes amongst other: to be administratively in charge of the budget and treasury office, to advise the accounting officer on the exercise of powers and duties assigned to the accounting officer in terms of MFMA, to assist the accounting officer in the administration of municipal bank accounts, and in the preparation and implementation of the municipal budget, to advise senior managers and other senior officials in the exercise of powers and duties assigned to them in terms of 78 and 79, and to perform duties such as budgeting, accounting, analysis, financial reporting, cash management, debt management, supply chain management, financial management, review, and other duties as may in terms of section 79 be delegated by the accounting officer.

This function consists of the following departments:

Supply Chain Management (SCM) – deals mainly with management and maintainance of suppliers and supplies database, procurement of goods and services, and procurement and management of contracts.

Billing and Revenue Management – deals mainly with billing, tariff setting, metering and prepaid services, customers relations management, and credit control, debt collection, and indigent support.

Expenditure and payroll management – deals mainly with payment of creditors and contracted services, petty cash management, payment of salaries and wages for councillors and administrative staff.

Budget and Reporting – deals mainly with budget preparation and management, compliance with MFMA, preparation of Annual and Interim Financial Statements, preparation of monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual reports, and management of municipal assets.

Name: Mr. M  E O Mkhize
Contact Number: 035 833-2009/21
Email: Mbusiseni.Mkhize@nkandla.gov.za